Our Volunteers

Our peer support team is made up of a selection of people, all of who have a spinal cord injury. Each member of the team has undergone training to equip them to provide an effective service.

Name: Tony Kane
Level of injury: C 6/7
Date of injury: August 2005
Age at injury: 21
Hometown: Wishaw
Name: Kevin Mackin
Level of injury: C 5/6
Date of injury: April 1996
Age at injury: 28
Hometown: Kilsyth
Name: Andy Richardson
Level of injury: C 6
Date of injury: November 2007
Age at injury: 29
Hometown: Falkirk
Name: Andy Nisbet
Level of injury: T 4
Date of injury: January 2006
Age at injury: 51
Hometown: Cumbernauld
Name: Walter Richardson
Hometown: Falkirk
20170628-DSC_1663_ Steven Name: Steven McGhee
Level of injury: C 2/3
Date of injury: May 2007
Age at injury: 26
Hometown: Irvine
Name: Keira Procter
Level of injury: L 2/3
Date of injury: March 2002
Age at injury: 19
Hometown: Dunoon (Argyll)
Name: Graeme Quinn
Level of injury: C 5/6
Date of injury: August 2004
Age at injury: 20
Hometown: Livingston
 Name: Alex Findley
Level of injury: T 12, L 1/3
Date of injury: October 2012
Age at injury: 52
Hometown: Kirkintilloch
 Name: Jamie Ward
Level of injury: L 4
Date of injury: November 2013
Age at injury: 58
Hometown: Clarkston
Name: Mike Thomas
Level of injury: T 5/6/7
Date of injury: March 1991
Age at injury: 32
Hometown: Edinburgh
Name: Mary Ballantyne
Level of injury: C 5/6
Date of injury: May 1999
Age at injury: 40
Hometown: Kilmarnock