Legal Advice


The aim of the service is to provide prompt access for members to legal advice. An enquiry on any legal matter is referred to specialist solicitors who will give the necessary advice at no cost.Advice can initially be given by phone and visits are arranged at the QENSIU or at home, wherever that may be in Scotland. Where the circumstances merit it, advice is given on steps to be taken to obtain full and prompt compensation but also to help in achieving the best outcome physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Access to effective and timely legal assistance can be as important as rehabilitation. In fact, effective legal assistance is often necessary to sustain the needed rehabilitation services over a period of years. It is important that this advice is obtained as early as possible. At the same time, following initial advice, assistance on completing benefit forms is available as well as representation at hearings. This service is available as part of membership of Spinal Injuries Scotland.

For further information email: or phone: 0800 0132 305