As we state in our “Strategic Approach”, SIS is committed to influencing decision makers and designers as they shape the world for those with a spinal injury. We welcome the opportunity to participate in consultation exercises and provide submissions to relevant organisations. We also actively promote a number of campaigns through which we highlight the experience and concerns of our members as part of our efforts to effect positive change.

Accessible Venues

SIS was contacted by a member who had paid £30 for a telephone call to the SSE Hydro trying to get tickets for Kevin Bridges, having been kept hanging on the Freephone Accessible Booking Line. These calls, unfortunately, are not free from mobile phones and currently cost anywhere between 14p and 40p per minute, depending on the provider. Another member posted a message on her Facebook page regarding difficulty in accessing tickets which resulted in further posts on the subject.

A group of SIS members got together to discuss the situation, and a letter and questionnaire was sent to 10 venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the ones where issues had been raised. Only three of the venues responded. Of the three venues who responded – The Theatre Royal Glasgow, BT Murrayfield and SSE Hydro/SECC, The Theatre Royal and Murrayfield advised that they request proof of DLA prior to issue of tickets.

Both of these venues also advised that they would welcome a relevant national scheme requiring users to register their disability in advance. While the SSE Hydro/SECC stated that they would not consider being part of such a scheme, they also state that they would use the scheme currently being set up by the National Arenas Association.

A national Access Card is currently being set up created by Nimbus, a social enterprise consultancy run by disabled people. Nimbus requires applicants to take a single assessment on their impairment and what it means for them when they apply. This helps simplify the process for disabled people and the provider to make sure they are meeting the patron’s needs as well as proving the access needs of the patron are genuine.

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